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Startup Weekend Ogden – Pitches

This week was another stellar startup weekend.  Lots of energy, lots of great ideas.  Here is a summary of all of the great ideas that came out of this weekend.


“Mustache Monitor is an iOS app to document daily stache production and create an animation of your incredible journey through Movember. What’s better then having a robust stache? Sharing it with the world.”

Comments: Coolest

Geo Fetch App

“GeoFetch is a GPS outdoor adventure app motivating people to complete challenges and compete with friends for rewards; creating a fun social interactive platform.”

Comment:  Geekiest

Free Birthday Food -

“Everybody has a birthday. Everybody loves food. Let’s bring them together in joyous harmony all month long.”

Comment: Best Validation

Get Epic Music -

A place to find “epic” music to use in your home videos.

Comment: Best Pivot

Sunrise Sunset -

An app to know the sunrise sunset time without an internet connection

Comment: Best Utility

Wedding Address Book

An easy way to collect addresses from your wedding using your facebook friends.

Comment: This was my team

Speak Now –

Collect positive feedback from your customers

Comment: Funniest Intro


Leave Your Mark! You can upload your mark at any geo-location point on the planet. Simply create or upload your personal “tag” through your user profile settings. When you access a geo-location point, you can quickly post your “tag” for other GoFFiti users to see at that point.

Comment: Best Cross Platform App


Indy Game.

Comment: Awesome!  Plain and simple.


Get Values on used cars

Comment: Tons of cool data aggregation

Print Badger - 

Easy way to print badges for events

Comment: Most likely to succeed


Find cool places to travel

Comment: Most awkward opening

Clip MD

Way to share medical related material

Comment: Technical Fail but looked interesting

airbnb for food.

Comment: Could be huge

Funding My Team

Help kids raise money for their sports team


Attendee Best of Show BAZOOKA GUYS!


Judges Vote

#1 –

2 – Print Badger

#3 – Sunrise Sunset