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Blog Upgrade : Octopress

I really hate wordpress. It is so slow and I just don’t have any interest in php. Recently I started playing with Middleman and had an epiphany. Do I really need a complex content management system that I constantly fight against? No. Flexing my html, css, and javascript muscles, along with a static site generator, I can have a wickedly fast and easy to manage site.

So tonight, on this long memorial weekend, I played around with Octopress. Getting it setup has been and deployed to heroku has been a breeze. Their docs are great. I was able to migrate my wordpress blog over really easy with the help of the wordpress to jekyll plugin

All said and done it took me about an hour to get Octopress setup, migrate over my wordpress blog, change domain settings, and have a new blog up. Best of all? I get to write this blog post using Vim. Woot! Woot!

Oh yea. One small hiccup I ran into. If you are using zsh and trying to run rake tasks, you have to escape your parameters.

bundle exec rake install[theme]

should actually be

bundle exec rake install\[theme\]


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